Friday, September 30, 2011

We're going on an adventure! A Review of LIGHTNING OF HER OWN

When the aliens landed seventy-two years ago,
the first thing they did was turn off the power.

Then they ran for the hills.

The aliens themselves killed very few people, but riots, looting, disease, natural disasters and the sheer brutality of a harsh life that no one had lived in generations have reduced the population of Earth to a few tiny handfuls, scattered among the abandoned ruins of a lost civilization. Now word has come to Amarylla’s father, the chief civil engineer of the Federal Republic of New York, that an unknown man in the far northern plains may hold the key to turning the lights back on.

But the Amarylla who sets out with her father to find this mysterious man is a young girl whose life has been filled with operas and riding lessons and needlework, a young girl schooled only in the history of fashion and the proper navigation of knives and forks at a state diner. A young girl totally unprepared for the raw edges of life beyond the walls, totally unprepared for the closeness of a young guard named Marlowe.

Can she become what she needs to be? Can she learn what she needs to know? Can she grow up in time, or will this alien dystopia kill her?


Enthralling! The journey of a lifetime! Grab your baby gun, we’re going on an adventure!

Once you pick up Levi Montgomery’s LIGHTNING OF HER OWN, you will become mesmerized with Amarylla’s story. Set in a post-apocalyptic, alien dystopia, this is a story of growing up, a story of survival, a story of love.

You will be awestruck by Montgomery’s amazing world creating ability, and his story will leave you completely breathless! It is truly an adventure of a lifetime that is guaranteed to steal your heart.

I’d have to say that my favorite element of this book is its characters. They are so real, so vivid; you will be fully engulfed in their world from the very first page. Never before have I read a book whose main character touched me so much; who inspired me to be a stronger person. Amarylla, a young sixteen year old girl, heading out into a world of death and despair with bags packed full with lace things and teddy bears. For someone so young and sheltered to realize who and what she needed to become to accomplish her mission. That is true survival, true courage.

If you’re looking for a book that will keep you on your toes, this is it. On more than one occasion, I forgot to breathe. That’s the type of book this is, one that keeps you guessing, never knowing what’s around the next bend. I dare you to try to look at a splinter the same way again! If you are anything like me, by the time you reach the end, you will have laughed with, cried with, and fallen in love with these amazing characters. I never wanted the story to end. This is a definite must read for anyone looking for a good book. I’m sure the adventure it will take you on won’t disappoint!

This amazing book is available now! This is not one to be missed!

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